ምንድን ነው? ከየትስ ይመጣል? ለምንስ ይመጣል?

ባገራችን ደስ የማይል ወይም የሚያስከፋ ሕልም ስናየ "ልም፡ እልም" በሉ ይባላል

"ፈች ቆረጠኝ" ሰዎች ሕልማችንን በመልካም ካልፈቱልን

ሆኖም - የዘመኑ ሕልም ፈቺ ዓዋቂዎች - ሕልም ተጨባጭ ነገር ስላልሆነ - አንድ ሕልም ካየን በኃላ የሚስማን ስሜት (ሀዘን፤ ደስታ፤ ብርታት፤ ተስፋ፤ ፍርሃት፤ እውቀት፤ መገንዘብ፤. ወዘተ.) የበለጠ ትኩረት ሊሰጥ ይገባል ይላሉ።

What are dreams?


Is there more to our dreams than meets the eye?

Are Dreams like sort of portals to the unseen world – the world beyond the 3 dimensional world?


Is it possible that dreams are designed for humans to sleep, so that we would be a totally captive audience to the unseen world, the world beyond the 3 dimensional world?


May be all that time at night that we thought was only good to rest our body is actually God's gift to us to reveal mysteries?


Is it's possible that some of us are dismissing our dreams, in which case the dreams will begin to cease coming? Insomnia is also the real culprit for a luck of dream


Why are we having nightmare?


Why some of our dreams are recurring?


Why are we remembering some of the dreams and forget others?


Why are some of our dreams more vivid than others?


Why are our dreams sometimes obscure and full of seemingly unintelligible symbols?

The list goes on.


Here, my intention in raising these questions is not to give answers or get one, rather for the purpose of awareness. I strongly believe that it's wise to pay attention to our dreams excluding the pizza dreams and those nightmares after scary movies, etc.

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