Don't Worry be Happy

Theoretically, we know that worry never solved anything, so desire not to worry was not the problem; how not to worry was.


So what's worry?

In short worry is accepting suffering in your mind, because things around you are not going the way you've intended them to be.


On the other hand, “HAPPY” is a place where things are done in the heaven and it’s the ultimate fuel of life down here in the planet called Earth. While "Worry is like sitting in a rocking chair, it gives you something to do, but it doesn't get you anywhere."


Worry and fear are like first cousins coexist with Joy and happiness like two sides of a coin. A fine line between these first cousins lets us swing easily from one side to the other side for reason.

Instead of fighting the feeling of worry and fear, focusing on our inner talk by being present 'living in the moment' is one of the best ways to navigate through the fine line.


Worry and Fear are supposed to produce joy, happiness, peace love etc., if we learn to trend calmly and embracing the so called bad emotions process and release them.


Even though, at times, worry and fear are so subtle that their presence in us feels natural, the real natural way to live life is by staying longer in the joy and happiness zone.

Most studies indicate that in a happy mode the body releases - Endorphin's or “Happy Hormones" within the brain and nervous system, which fight pain and stress and also let the brain to be creative.

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