Change Your Thinking!

People will do anything in order to get rid of their unwanted thoughts and emotions to the extent of praying or and meditating for hours at a time, just to quiet their minds, which I believe is necessary. 

Trying to get rid of those unwanted thoughts and emotions by suppressing or expressing them might be of a temporary benefit. But let’s face it, it’s utterly impossible to chase those so called unwanted thoughts and feelings at bay for good.


Before you know it they will comeback with full steam and sometimes with vengeance.

Eventhough, there’s a tendency to look outward to the objects of perception for solutions to our suffering, turning inwards to the heart of the experience itself by letting go into the unknown will open up a new dimension of love and appreciation for self.


Instead of suppressing or expressing our thoughts and feelings as a distraction or unwanted; addressing them as accepting witness and also properly process them as compassionate contemplator goes a long way.


Do not be in denial. Acknowledging and owning these seemingly disempowering thoughts and emotions works for you; because you can not change what you do not own.


Even-though, you have perceived them as unwanted and provoked by what seemed to be an outside phenomenon, they’re inside you and part of you waiting to be acknowledged by you and be free to re-emerge whence they arise.


By being still and silent, it's possible to welcome the emotions and thoughts. Here, you don’t welcome the sickness or the events of happenings or situation itself. You welcome the sensations triggered in the moment by the sickness or the happenings.


In the process of this compassionate contemplation, you might be able to have some insight of the emotions and the thoughts associated with the emotions. Most of the time, the mind will create stories to go with the emotions. It's important to be aware of the stories, but not to identify with the stories and run with them. 


Why do we have those unwanted or negative thoughts and feelings


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