"My people are perished for lack of Knowladge!" 

Awareness is like equal opportunity vast space.

Awareness is not a thing or It's no thing! But for lack of a better words let’s call it like an equal opportunity vast space. 

Awareness is equally present in wanted and unwanted thoughts or emotions.


There’s a misunderstanding that we are in awareness, when we are only in a state of pleasant thoughts and or void of thinking.


The state of unpleasant experiences (thoughts emotions sensations) are equally appear in the space of awareness and also equally the self presentation of awareness as well as any other pleasant experiences (thoughts emotions sensations). 


Once we are convinced that there’s only perception to any of our experiences; we’ll start to make peace with our emotions and thoughts by being that silence witness. 


But if we're still identified with and attached to our thoughts and emotions thinking like “I am sad or I am happy”, “I hate you or I love you”, awareness is obscured by our experiences. 

In the same token dealing with our thoughts and feelings in the conventional methods of control such as suppressing, expressing or trying to change also obscure our ability to be aware. 


Those compulsive thoughts are emotions, which we're unconsciously identify with and attached to buried in our bodies as sensations and knots are some of the conditions that drive us to think and act.


Are you aware of what's going in your mind?


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