Getting my first tattoo - ንቅሳት checked off my "Bucket List"!

I had this idea of getting tattoo ንቅሳት for a while.  

So I started to inquire about it and asked my grownup son to hook me up with someone he knew, since he had done it before. 


At first he couldn’t believe his ears that his mother [pushing mid 60] would even consider tattoo.  Then when he knew that I was serious about it, he discouraged me that tattoos could be dangerous that I might even be infected. 


So, I went ahead by myself thinking "What a bummer, it's unfortunate that just because; Mama Bear wanted some fun in her life, Junior Bear got all his feathers ruffled up, thinking still it's all about him, too bad" and found a tattoo parlor near where I live and voila!


It was not painful at all. The guy whose almost half of his body was covered with tattoos, who did the job was very professional and the whole thing took him a little less than an hour and charged me a Benjamin.


He even said that “You’re one of us now.”


I heard once that "Good tattoos ain't cheap and cheap tattoos ain't good".


I love my tattoo. And, my son? His first glance at my tattoo – the look on his face was priceless. Who knew tattoo was a way at getting back at his teenage years. 

Love ፍቅር 


Let injustice go is not love!

Accepting wronge is not love!


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