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በጉሎ ዘይት የተነከረ ጨርቅ - ጉበትንና ንፍፊቶችን (Lymph nodes) የሚያጸዳ፡

Blood Purifier

Liver Health

Lymphatic Cleanse

Pain Relief

Joint Health

Back & Waist pain Relief

Menstrual Cramps Relief

Stomach Ach Relief

Gas & Bloating Relief

Energy Booster

Mind Clarity

Better mood

ደም አጽጂ

የጉበት ጤንነት

ንፍፊቶችን  አጽጂ

የሕመም (pain) ማስታገሻ

በአጥንት መጋጠሚያዎች (joints) ማስታገሻ

ወገብ ጀርባ ህመም ማስታገሻ

ለሴቶች በወር አበባ ማስታገሻ

ሆድ ቁርጠት  ማስታገሻ

ሆድ መነፋት (gas) ማስታገሻ

የኃይል መጨመሪያ

የአእምሮ  ግልጽነት

አለርጂ እፎይታ

የተሻለ ስሜት

Castor oil pack  includes

  1. 3 oz. Castor oil
  2. 5 (4 x 4 inches) muslin fabric ready to be socked in Castor oil)

PS: Castor oil is anti-bacterial & anti- fungus. The pack is good to use up to a couple of months

በጉሎ ዘይት የተነከረ ጨርቅ - ጉበትንና ንፍፊቶችን (Lymph nodes) የሚያጸዳ  (Castor oil pack) 3 oz. Castor oil ጉሎ ዘይትና፡ 5 በጉሎ ዘይት ለመራስ የተዘጋጀ አቡጀዲ ጨርቅ - 5 fabric ready to be socked in Castor oil

Good Old Castor Oil Comes Back as a Pack

Castor oil is an age-old remedy, which has been used in almost every culture. Most adults today will remember lining up with their siblings for the mandatory spoonful of castor oil.

Today’s castor oil is not your mother’s castor oil. This one on display tastes OK none of the lingering aftertaste.  

Castor oil is obtained from castor beans or seeds. It's a triglyceride which has three fatty acids and glycerol. It contains 90 percent ricinoleic acid, which is responsible for its organic healing properties, including its ability to treat the lymphatic system.

I know people, who swear by a castor oil cleanse. While I respect their fortitude, I am not a fan of drinking castor oil as cleanse. I ditched it, because it’s a full day ordeal of being held hostage at home. On the other hand, the Castor Oil Pack is more convenient to use and has immediate and effective results. 

The Alternative.

 When it comes to my diet, I try to walk “the straight and narrow” as much as the next person.  But sometimes, I have moments of weakness when I succumb to a craving for some delicacy or other. 

Unfortunately, these so-called delicacies are not always charitable. When my “Gotta' Live a Little” mentality kicks in, late night indulgences turn into late night indigestions. Moments like these, the mighty Castor Oil Pack comes in handy. Those late night indigestions et al. tremble in the presence of the mighty Castor Oil Pack. No match! 

About the Castor Oil Pack & Care.

The Castor Oil Pack (on display) is a square piece of muslin fabric about 4x4 square inches ready to be socked in Castor oil. (If you have Castor oil handy, you can also make the pack yourself easily.) 

After you put the Castor oil pack on your skin, cover it with the sheet of plastic provided. Castor oil is very convenient to clean afterward. It’s easy to wipe off the skin and will not leave an oily residue.

After you finish using the Castor Oil Pack, place it in the plastic bag provided and keep it in the fridge. When it’s time to use the pack again, just rub the bag between your hands for a minute until it’s warm. Then add a few drops of castor oil to the cloth and you’re good to go. That’s all it takes. How easy can that be?

 Keep the reusable pack in the fridge with a date sticker on the plastic and it's safe to reuse for a couple of months – or longer. It will not go bad. Even farm industries coat certain grains with castor oil for extended storage.  

Where to apply the pack?

The Castor Oil Pack is convenient for use as a compress, particularly around the abdominal area as a remedy. Holding the pack against the skin promotes healing of the tissues and organs underneath.

1.Place the pack just under your belly button for relief from tummy aches, increased circulation and easy elimination of the body’s waste.

2.Place the pack above your belly button for indigestion.

3.Place it to the right of your belly button where your liver is in close proximity for any sharp pain around your liver.

The Benefits of Regular Use.

Regular use of the Castor Oil Pack gives better results. A minimal of two hours use of the pack can boost the immune system to function well. It can be used as often as needed. 

This pack can be used as an alternative to uterine fibroid treatments. It also helps to stimulate both the liver and gallbladder relieving pain, increasing lymphatic circulation, and reducing inflammation. It improves digestion, and provides relief for excessive gas, constipation as well as menstrual cramps.

Because of castor oil’s anti-toxin, lymphatic stimulant and drainage properties, using the pack during the cleansing and detoxifying regimen makes the herx (healing crisis) more tolerable.

My take on Castor Oil Pack.

Most of the time, my approach to using natural remedies is conservative, but not in this case. When it comes to using the Castor Oil Pack, I say, "The more the merrier." 

If I have to choose one type of natural healing remedy over all others, I probably go with the Castor Oil Pack, because I figured that if I can nip a certain problems in the bud, things won’t get as complicated along the way.

Our mothers were definitely onto something when they force-fed us castor oil during our formative years. However, I highly recommend this upgrade to a very humble, natural and time-honored remedy.

በጉሎ ዘይት የራሰ ጨርቅ (Castor oil pack)

     የሚከተሉትን  አጠቃሎ ይይዛል

  1. - የጉሎ ዘይት 3 oz.
  2. - በዘይቱ ለመራስ የተዘጋጀ 5 (4X 4 square inches) ያቡጀዴ ቁራጭ ጨርቅ ከነፕላስቲክ መሸፈኛ

በጉሎ ዘይት የራሰ ጨርቅ (Castor oil pack)

ማሳሰቢያ - ጉሎ ዘይት በተፈጥሮው ባክተርያንና መሻገትን (antibacterial & antifungal) የመከላከል ሃይል ስላለው በዘይቱ የራሰውን ቁራጭ ጨርቅ እስከ 2 ወር ያህል ይበላሻል ብለው ሳይሰጉ ሊጠቀሙበት ይችላሉ።


ጉሎ ዘየት ምንድን ነው?

ጉሎ ዘየት በርካታ በሆኑ አገሮች ለተለያየ ጥቅም እንደዋለ በታሪክ ሰነዶች ተጽፎ ይነበባል። ዘይቱ የሚመረተው ከጉሎ ፍሬ ሲሆን: ለፈዋሽነቱና ለማጽዳት ወሳኝ የሚያደርጉት እነዚህ በዘይቱ ውስጥ የሚገኙት፡ 3 ጣምራ የቅባት አሲድና (fatty acid): 90% የሚሆን ሪሲኖሊክ አሲድ (90% ricinoleic acid) ናቸው።

በጉሎ ዘየት የተነከረ ጨርቅ ወይስ ዘይቱን መጠጣት፡

ሁላችንም ጉሎ ዘይት ለማስቀመጥ የሚወሰድ ዘይት እንደሆነ አናውቃለን። የዚህ ዘይት በማዳን ሃይሉ የተለማመዱ ሰዎች፡ ማሰቀመጡ ጊዜ የሚወስድና አድካሚ እንኳን ቢሆንም ለዘመናት ተጠቅመውበታል። በጉሎ ዘይት የራሰ ጨርቅ ያለምንም ውጣ ውረድ ዘይ ጠጥተን የምናገኘውን አይነት ጥቅም ይሰጠናል። ዘይቱ በሚጠጣበት ወቅት ከቆሻሻው ጋር ለሰወነት ጠቃሚ የሆኑትን የሆድ ፍሎራና (gut flora) ኢሊክትሮላይት (electrolytes) የመሳሰሉትን አብሮ ጠርጎ ያወጣል።

በጉሎ ዘይት የራሰ ጨርቅ ቆዳችን ላይ በሚደረግ ወቅት፡ አዳኝነት ያላቸው ንጥረ ነገሮች በቆዳችን ሰርገው ገብተው ጉበትንና ንፍፊቶችን (Lymph nodes) መርዛማ የሆነውን ቆሻሻ (toxins) የሆነውን እንዲያጸዱ የማበረታታት ችሎታ አላቸው። በተጨማሪም እነደሚጠጠው ዘየት የማስቀመጥ ባህሪ የለውም።

በጉሎ ዘየት የተነከረ ጨርቅ አጠቃቀም፡

  • ለመጀመሪያ ጊዜ ጨርቁን እንደሚገባ በዘይቱ ማራስ። ዘይቱ ተትረፍርፎ ሳይንጠባጠብም መሆን አለበት፡  
  • በጉሎ ዘየት የተነከረውን ጨርቅ በሆዳችን ላይ ለጥፈን ላስቲኩን ከጨርቁ በላይ መሸፈን፡ እንዳይንሸራተትም ጠበቅ አድርጎ በሚይዝ የውስጥ ሱሪ ማድረግ።
  • ተጠቅመው ካበቁ በሗላ፡ በመጣበት ላስቲክ ሸፍነው ንጹህና ደረቅ ስፍራ ማኖር፡
  • የጉሎ ዘይቱን በቀላሉ በደረቅ ጨርቃ ብቻ መጥረግ በቂ ነው። በውሃ ማጠብ አስፈላጊ አይደለም፡
  • እንደገና ለመጠቀም ካቀዱ ደግሞ ትንሽ ነጠብጣብ ዘይት አድርገው መጠቀም ይችላሉ፡
  • ጉሎ ዘይት በተፈጥሮው ባክተርያንና መሻገትን (antibacterial & antifungal) የመከላከል ሃይል ስላለው በዘይቱ የራሰውን ቁራጭ ጨርቅ እስከ 2 ወር ያህል ይበላሻል ብለው ሳይሰጉ ሊጠቀሙበት ይችላሉ።
  • ቢያንስ 1-2 ስአት በማቆየት፡ ግማሽ ቀን ወይንም ደግሞ ቢያስድሩትም የበለጠ ጥቅም አለው፡

በጉሎ ዘየት የተነከረ ጨርቅ ጥቅማ ጥቅሞች

ይህንን በጉሎ ዘይት የራሰ ጨርቅ በተለያየ የሰውነት ክፍሎች ቆዳ ላይ ቢያንስ 1-2 ስአት ለጥፎ በማቆየት በተደጋጋሚ የተጠቀሙበት ሰዎች የግል ልምምድ (anecdotal) እንደሚጠቁመው፡

  • በጉበታቸው አካባቢ (ከእንብርት በቀኝ በኩል) በመለጠፍ፡ በቀኝ በኩል የሚያማቸው ህመም የቀነሰና ለአንዳነዶችም ደግሞ ለረጅም ጊዜ እፎይታን እንደሰጣቸው ነው።
  • የቡና ኢነማ (coffee enema) ሆድ ጽዳት ከጨረሱ በሗላ በጉሎ ዘይት የተነከረውን ጨርቅ በሆዳቸው በመለጠፍ፡ ከጽዳቱ የቀረውን ቆሻሻና ጋዝ ሙልጭ አድርጎ እንዳወጣላቸው ነው።
  • ከእመብርት በላይ በመለጠፍ፡ ከበሉት ምግብ ያለመስማማት የሚነሳውን ያለመመቸትና ጋዝ የመሰሉትን እንዳስታገሰላቸውና፡ አንዲሁም ደግሞ የደም ዝውውርን ስለሚያበረታታ በቀላሉ ለመጸዳዳት እንዳስቻላቸው ነው፡
  • ከእመብርት በታች በመለጠፍ፡ ለሴቶች በወር አበባ ወቅት የሚነሳውን አለመመቸት፤ አንደ ቁርጠት፡ ሆድ መነፋት፡ የመሰሉትንም እንዳስታገሰ ነው፡:
  • በተጨማሪም ይህንን በጉሎ ዘየት የተነከረውን ጨርቅ የተጠቀሙ ሰዎች ልምምድ (anecdotal) እንደሚያመለክተው በአጥንት መጋጠሚያዎች (joints) ላይ በመለጠፍ ከቆርጥማት፡ ከወገብና ተመሳሳይ ከሆኑ ህመም (pain) እንዳስታገሰላቸው ይመሰክራሉ
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