Home brewed Cherry Wine - የቸሪ ጠጅ - ቤት የተጠመቀ 

Looking for a wine to share with your granny? This is not the wine.

My very first wine making - after only a month of fermentation this cherry wine was banging. Patient as a nun, in 4 to 6 months’ time, I can't wait to see the legs of this ruby-red wine in my wine glasses.

This cherry wine was fermenting for a month at approximately 70 degrees fahrenheit and almost all the sugar was converted to alcohol.  

The initial gravity reading of the must (juice) was 1.150 starting gravity (SG), BRIX (sugar content) 34.3 and ABV Alcohol BY Volume 23.0%. The FG finishing gravity was 1.010, BRIX (sugar content) 2.6 and ABV Alcohol BY Volume 1.3%.

So, just like I have  intended it, this cherry wine is kicking at about 18% ABV.  Since I have stablized the wine, I don't need to back sweeten the wine later. I have to wait and see the outcome after fully aged, which might take a year or more. 

 I love Love LOVE cherries. 

Every summer I make cherry pie, cherry tort, cherry mead sangria etc., but this summer I say why not make cherry wine and voila!  

Seeing at every corner such ample succulent sweet binge cherries for a couple of bucks per pound, I got a little too happy and bought about close to 20 pounds of cherries. Thank God, for my juicer, the difficult part pitting 20 pounds cherries was a piece of cake.



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