Wine Making  የወይንና የፍራፍሬ ጠጅ

I've been home brewing for quite a while now. I guess, once you’re beaten by the brewing bug there is no stopping; at least that is my experience.

I brew tella ጠላ –Ethiopian black beer, mead - ጠጅ Tej (honey wine) and different kind of regular beer from the beer kit.

I also try to convey my herbalist side into all these brewing experiences by infusing fresh or dried flowers, spices and herbs in already fermented mead witnessing how the essences of all these elements influence the finish, (mouthful or dryness) and also the bouquet as well as the complexity of the mead.

Even though, honey and fruits are both sweet; their sugar content is a bit different when comes to fermentation. I have also noticed that infusing dried fruits in aged mead compliment the mead complexity more than fresh fruits. So, instead of brewing Malomel - fruit meads, I opted out for making wines. And the outcome was  satisfactory that the fruit shines and thrives by itself and not competing with the honey.  

Comparatively, the fermentation and aging process is somewhat similar in both mead and wine making with a bit more detail in wine making. 


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