A savory danish braid filled with Berbere chicken stew - Ethiopian style (ዶሮ ወጥ)

Have you ever thought that you would see your child [once a teenager] now having a teenager and struggling with parenting challenges. It’s just a mixed feeling. You would recall your child’s teenage rebellious years and your own teenage rebellious years as well, then unfortunatley you can't help, but noticed that KARMA did not miss a thing on his list [በሰፈሩት ቁና መሰፈር አይቀርም]. And then you would be torn between your child and the grandchild. I also noticed that teenage grand children could be nice to their grandparents but not to their parents.

Now, I am well aware that it was part of a growing pain for the children, but then as a single mom DESPAIR was my middle name.

I remember that when my children were little it was easy convincing them to comply with my set of rules, which some of them were unnecessary. If they asked why [they did plenty of it] I told them why and I thought I was a super mom. 

Let me tell you that none of the above worked, once they celebrated their 12th year birthday. So just to get by the day, I had to resorte to manipulations like begging, bribing, telling white lie [some days the lie alternated in between light to dark color depending on the situation] you name it. Regrettably, they had outsmarted me that I had to wonder “They did not get this from me. Definitely not."  I know no mother would admit to doing that, Yeah! For the record, I also did a lot of prayer just to keep me sane. 

I also know parents who just talk to their children and solve things. I had long 'talks' with my children as well, but sometimes I had to use the switch. (ሸክላ ብቻ ነው ዱላ የሚጠላው?) People often asks, when did you stop spanking your kids? Simple answer – when they became strong enough to push me away. I think enough with my tale of woe of teenage parenting and back to baking and cooking.

I started this scrumptious chicken stew (Ethiopian style - ዶሮ ወጥ) savory danish braid, by preparing the stew. I was easy on the hot spice (berbere). I like my chicken stew (Ethiopian style - ዶሮ ወጥ) a bit on the spicy side, if I use injera, because the injera has tenacity to stand the heat of the stew, but not the pastry.

I baked the bird [I used Cornish hen, since it is smaller and resembles the chickens, I grew up enjoying and also tastes better than the other regular chickens.] in the oven for crispy and flavorful chicken meat. Then cut the baked bird in pieces and add to the prepared spicy stew and leave it in a fridge overnight.

I say you need to take a little more time to prepare the stew. Sauté lots of onion in butter and then add berbere and caramelize it on high heat for a while and add garlic and gingere and continue on. Do not think about multitasking and step away from the stove, it only takes munites to burn it. Deglaze it with red wine and simmer it to perfection over very low heat with just a touch of seasonings like korerima ኮረሬማ [a unique spice indigenous to Ethiopia, closely related to coriander], cumin ከሙን, and cloves - ቅርንፉድ.

I paired this decadent rich dish with full-bodied red wine - Cabernet Sauvignon. Perfect! 

You may serve this scrumptious chicken stew (Ethiopian style - ዶሮ ወጥ) savory danish braid dish with a savory danish braid filled with homemade cottage cheese and Collard green - Ethiopian style (አይብ በጎመን) as shown on display.

I paired white wine with the cheese danish and red wine with the spicy chicken danish and interspersed between the red wine and the white wine, which was a fantastic way to add a little pizzazz to my palate, waking my taste buds carve up a bit.h 

If you are concerned with the wives tale, which says white wine on top of red will give you a hangover, it isn’t true. But don’t mix your drinks is good advice, since that refers to the mixing of ‘grain’ (spirits, beers) and ‘grape’ (wine and some spirits). Red and white wine are both grapes and the only thing that will certainly give you a hangover is drinking a lot of wine, both red and white; but there is no proof whatsoever that a glass of white on top of red equals a sure-fire hangover in the morning.


Bon Appetite! Open up and enjoy responsibly!


Creating flaky danish pastry.


The key to success with danish pastry is not pushing anything too fast.  Keeping the butter chilled in between laminating steps or called ‘turns’ is crucial for creating all the lovely, flaky layers of pastry. Laminating is the process of rolling and folding the dough in order to create very thin layers of butter and dough. More turns the merrier, up to 4 turns, each turn - at least 30 minutes down-time in the fridge, you do the math. If you skimp on chilling time the butter will get too warm and start being absorbed by the dough and you’ll not get that flaky confection we're aiming for. (አደባብሰው ቢያርሱ፡ ባረም ይመለሱ) kind of thing. Speaking about butter, using a good butter, sometimes labeled as "European butter" with less water and more fat helps create flakier dansih pastry. But using regular butter is just fine.

Use the photo below to see other savory danish braids 

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