I think, it doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg to be healthy, happy and live life well. I also think that more often than not the solutions, which we fervently look to our so called problems are swirling all around us in the form of subtle ideas provided we look in the ‘Now’ time-space frame of mind and allow the ideas.

No separation between your problem and the solution, they always coexist amalgamated in disguise to the anguished soul. Staying in ‘the glass is half full’ mood is the way to ease into your solutions.

Of course, you got to choose, which is a skill by itself between being ornery or amiable at the moment.

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I truly believe that everyone is born with a gift; finding it and the joy of perfecting it is priceless!


Inner Balance . . .

emulates calm, ease, freedom, harmony, focus, clarity, knowing, vitality, resiliency, wholeness, wellness, satisfaction, happiness, excitement, inspiration, contentment, fulfillment, love, trust and self worth laced with exquisite, which implies that when our center of emotional gravity is ingrained within us, where it belongs  and not outside of us,

  • We acknowledge the profound aspect of our self-worth and act toward our innate desire instead of reacting to our wants, meaning we acquire love and respect for self enough to let go double-mindedness.  
  • We act toward people instead of reacting and be secured enough to tolerate dissent. 

Self-disciplined thinking which attempts to reason at the highest level of quality in a  fair-minded way leverages us to be genuinely sure of ourselves, which pacifies our inner-chatter to listen to dissents, look for points of agreement and compromise to get things done. If our self-worth is also not tied up with people liking us, we might turn their criticism to learning opportunity. 


Let Your Kingdom Come . . .

We pray that let your kingdom come and your will be done here on earth, the same as in heaven. But do we know that the Kingdom of God is within us and not somewhere else? Kingdom living is not merely living the good life filled with good deeds, but righteousness, peace, and joy in the Holy Spirit. When we embrace the concept that our salvation is more about who we are than what we do, we would rest in the Lord’s Righteousness, Love, Peace and Joy. The rationale that acquiring material possessions that we could gathers in quantity and quality; that the harder we work, the more we would have and the greater would be the testimony of God's goodness and favor in our life is not in line with kingdom teachings of Jesus.


As a final note . . . 

In this passing world, few things are absolute truth carved in stone. We learn as we go and there is always more to learn. What we believe or know today may change in time. The information we haven't understood at some point makes sense later on and will be key information. What’s more, I believe and know without a shadow of a doubt that the "Abundant Life or Kingdom Life" the Lord promised is attainable, while we are still here on this planet called Earth, which is more about being than doing. When we embrace the concept that our salvation is more about who we are than what we do, it wouldn't be a burden to live life accordingly.

Jesus’ words and offer of the “Abundant Life or the Kingdom Life” are well over 2,000 years old. Yet even in today’s fast-moving society, His Word is relevant to the 21st century as He offers us wisdom, which has the power to transform our lives.

Lakech Kebede,

ላቀች ከበደ  


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Courage to be Humble




Self Control

From my Humble kitchen!

Butter and beef are not the enemy!

Chiko (ጭኮ) - Buttery-silky mouth full of joy snack.
የምንወዳቸው አንዳንድ ምርጥ የባሕል መግቦች፡
Ethiopian flat bread - teff injera - gluten free. And yes, it's possible to bake teff only injera here in America.
Tella - Ethiopian Style Black Beer
ስንግ ቃሪያ ለዓብይ ጾም - Vegetarian
ቃተኛ - Katenga - Spicy, buttery goodness snack
ጥቁር ጢፍ  እንጀራ። አዎን በአሚሪካን አገር  እየኖሩ፡ የጢፍ እንጀራ መጋረር ይቻላል። ጥቁር ጢፍ እንጀራ። አዎን በአሚሪካን አገር እየኖሩ፡ የጢፍ እንጀራ መጋረር ይቻላል።
Tej Tasting-Ethiopian style honey mead - ጠጅ ቅምሻ
ጠጅ - Tej - Ethiopian Style Honey Mead.
Habesh defo dabo (Traditional Ethiopian bread) የሐበሻ ድፎ ዳቦ በኮባ ቅጠል (እንሰት) የተጋገረ ድፎ ዳቦ - Traditional bread baked covered with false banana leaeves (Enset)
Croissant - ክሮሳንት

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