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Your best source for natural herbal remedies, cleanse products, herbal teas, supplements, castor oil pack & much more.

Prayer is the means in which God gets His will done on earth, not the other way around.

The human mind and body not only have connections but also reciprocally inflluence each other to some extent.

Internal hygiene is as important as brushing the teeth or taking a shower.

በረከት የሆድ አቃ ጥዳት 

የሆድ ትሎች ይገድላል

Best dewormer, easy on the body but effective.

ላቀች ከበደ

Lakech Kebede - aka Laki, Minister of the Gospel and Herbalist . . . 

Would you like to spend eternity in Heaven?

Sometimes self control is easier said than done. የሚያስቡትን ሃሳብ አስተውለው መቆጣጥር ከቻሉ እራስን መቆጣጠር የዳገት ጉዞ አይሆንም።

The Golden Rule! "Love is not something you feel, it's something you do."


Fresh ground flaxseeds powder capsules or in a bag. Constipation remedy.

ነጭ ሽንኩርት

It is indispensable having this potent fresh garlic extract handy.

ጉሎ ዘይት በጨርቅ

Lymphatic stimulant & cleanse - pms symptoms, bloating & indigestion relief.

Powerful digestive stimulant & blood circulation booster.

Instant Acute bladder infection remedy. የሺንት ፊኛ ኢንፊክሽን  አስታጋሽ ሻይ

Ethiopian flat bread - teff injera - gluten free.

And yes, it's possible to bake teff only injera here in America. 

አዎን! በአሚሪካን ጢፍ  አንጀራ መጋገር ይቻላል

ስንግ ቃሪያ ለዓብይ ጾም

Finger-licking exotic and delicious traditional Ethiopian vegetarian dishes for Lent (Abiy Tsom).

ጥቁር ጢፍ  እንጀራ። አዎን በአሚሪካን አገር  እየኖሩ፡ የጢፍ እንጀራ መጋረር ይቻላል። ጥቁር ጢፍ እንጀራ። አዎን በአሚሪካን አገር እየኖሩ፡ የጢፍ እንጀራ መጋረር ይቻላል።

Tej - traditional Ethiopian honey beverage.

Habesh defo dabo (Traditional Ethiopian bread) የሐበሻ ድፎ ዳቦ Habesh defo dabo (Traditional Ethiopian bread) የሐበሻ ድፎ ዳቦ

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